I’m Björn, a freelance
UX-Designer & Information Architect
working on digital products in Hamburg, Germany.

Björn Claussen Portrait

Working at the intersection of user needs and business requirements over the last 10+ years, i had the privilege of influencing products used by millions. These include Volkswagen, EDEKA, DFB, BMW, Montblanc, Telekom, Mercedes, Bosch, FromAtoB and more.

Today I'm working as a freelance Lead of UX at Channel Pilot Solutions, the leading product feed management tool.

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UX Design

Combining UX expertise, management skills, curiosity and the ability to always step into the users’ shoes for the creation of better products.

Design Sprints

Building and testing solutions for specific problems systematically, collaboratively and in the shortest time by using Design Sprints. Certified by AJ&Smart/Jake Knapp.

Design Systems

Collect reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications and product.

UX Research & Strategy

Adding value to the management process with the ability to build frameworks based on in depth user experience research.


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